VIo POV Helmet Camera

V.I.O. pioneered the P.O.V. category over a decade ago; video quality, durability, and innovation are hallmarks of the V.I.O. brand.

Designed for outdoor recreational sports, industrial, and law enforcement applications, V.I.O. cameras offer many unique features including infield editing and other patent pending technology.



V.I.O.’s flagship product is the POV.HD, a ruggedized, high-quality 1080p video camera designed for use in hands-free or vehicle-mounted applications.

The unique features of this camera make it ideal for specialist video and the quality suitable for professional production, a prime example of this being the V.I.O. POV.HD’s use in the Ridley Scott Hollywood blockbuster Prometheus.

V.I.O. headquarters are based in Minneapolis, their products are sold via online and offline retailers and select civil defence/Military suppliers.

DCS Systems Ltd are the exclusive European distributor for V.I.O. The POV.HD is available to buy through selected specialist retailers and online via

If you are interested in becoming an authorized V.I.O. reseller please contact: Ed Mayne, DCS Systems Ltd Sales Manager 01208 269 159