DCS Systems Ltd are able to offer Trade Accounts for the following products:



The Action Pro 3 is a box style action camera often compared to the Go Pro range.  Whilst offering similar video quality it’s major selling point is the inclusion of an LCD screen and wireless remote control making the Action Pro 3 one of the best value for money sports action cameras on the market.



The SixZero is a profile style camera offering all the versatility of the latest sports action cameras with the added benefit of German design & engineering.  The Six Zero comes packaged with a wide selection of mounts, external microphone, HDMI cable and wireless remote control.  With features normally seen on much more expensive cameras, such as 64GB memory card compatibility and the ability to shoot at 60fps at 1080i, this is truly an unsung hero in the world of sports action cameras.



The Bullet R+ is the latest camera available form dogcam and joins the Bullet HD2.  They are potentially the smallest, lightest, most robust full 1080p bullet camera on the market.

There is more information about dogcam here



RoadHawk cameras are the UK’s leading insurance approved black box recording systems. Founded in 2008, RoadHawk has been at the forefront of vehicle camera technology since the launch of the RH-1 forward facing camera.  There is more information about RoadHawk here


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